Art Class

Art Class


In our Art Program, we look into finding outlets where a child’s original thoughts can be expressed and developed. Encouraging creativity in our children helps develop confidence in them to succeed in all of life’s challenges. Decision making, thought processing, and organizational skills are a few examples of how art influences your child to develop tools for everyday life. No child is the same so we guide them to learn about themselves a little bit more everyday and try to get them out of their “comfort zones.”

Available this Spring:


February – May 2018


4:45- 5:45 pm

Tuesday + Thursday

3:15-4:15 pm, 4:30-5:30 pm

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Examples of Art Class Activities


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Home School

Our group homeschool program is an interactive, innovative and individualized program that supports your child’s unique learning style.

School Shadowing

We implement and modify behavioral plans, while providing classroom support for children as needed.


A fun and effective environment that provides students with a positive approach to learning.

Art Classes

Designed to allow children to freely express themselves and develop their imagination and creativity.

Day Camps

At Motivating Minds, we offer day camps when students are out of school.  Whether it is a teacher work day, or any other scheduled day off, we are open.

Homework Helper

Our Homework Helper program is designed to give students a comfortable place to complete their homework.

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