Parents' Testimonials

Katherine Roberts - Bachelor of Elementary - Education ESOL Certified
I have had the pleasure of working with Miss Christine for a few years now, and she has been nothing but wonderful in every way, shape, and form. Miss Christine and I have been able to work together in the classroom and in an academic summer camp. In these environments, I have witnessed someone who has a strong passion for teaching and learning truly excel in their area of work. Miss Christine is extremely successful with each and every child she comes in contact with. Her patience, love, and compassion shine through as she takes the time to assess each child’s personal needs and helps them master whatever topic they may be working on. She is not only there for a child’s academic needs, but also their social needs. She creates an environment of safety and comfort that promotes growth in each student. Personally and professionally, I have a high regard for Miss Christine and all that she does to create a strong future for her students.
Berta - Miami Shores- Parent
As a parent of a child with special needs, I am grateful for Ms. Ortega. Ms. Ortega has been working with Tommy for the past 5 years, during which he has grown emotionally and behaviorally by leaps and bounds. Ms. Ortega is constantly changing and creating new strategies to keep Tomas engaged. She works closely with his teachers, to make sure that he can assimilate the material being taught. Ms. Ortega’s knowledge and expertise are quickly apparent when one observes her interaction with Tommy. What strikes me the most about her, though, is her dedication, and the affection wth which she treats my son. I am certain she is a big reason for his success.
Karen Vossen - Weston- Parent
Christine knew how to work with Jake in a way that not everyone did. She would always try to implement different strategies to ensure that he understood a concept. She not only helped with his behavior plan at home but in his public school classroom. On occasion, she advocated for me in improving strategies with his teachers when he was having difficulty in class.
Saade - Key Biscayne - Parent
My son Joseph has been homeschooled for two years. I really believe that homeschooling is the perfect way for kids to learn. In school, if you have a child like Messi, the soccer player, then he has to stay on the bench until the rest of the class learns to play like he does. The best player is being held back because of the other students. This new never happens because every human being is unique. This is Joseph’s first year at Motivating Minds, and it has been more than incredible Academically he has learned a lot, at his own pace, and according to his own interest (which is math). He has advanced  so much. His handwriting, reading, and reading comprehension has all improved which is great, but what matters the most is how happy and proud of himself he is now. The love the teachers at Motivating Minds have for their students is immense. Joseph used his bike to go to Motivating Minds everyday and as soon as he arrive home (sometimes a little later because he forgets) he texts his teachers that he has arrived safe. This is because they care, and it is not just a relationship in the class, it is beyond that. All the field trips are amazing, the space is full of love, the art is fantastic, how they plan the classes are great, and they are always open for improvement. The kids have P.E. now! For me, Motivating Minds is like my dream come true. Christine, Katie, and Monica, my humble and huge thanks for everything you have done for Joseph. I wish you all the best, and I hope that this beautiful work can extend to more children.
Florencia Maggi - Key Biscayne - Parent
Our son Eugenio attended the Summer Scholastic Camp last year and benefited tremendously from the personalized attention and the small group setting. Eugenio’s social skills flourished during the weeks he attended camp; his academic skills also improved over a short period of time. We are very grateful and excited to have the camp in Key Biscayne this coming summer. Eugenio will definitely attend and we highly recommend it.
Rita – Key Biscayne- Parent
Christine has tutored my two sons for several years with great success. They are currently in 5th and 1st grade respectively. Her teaching approach is focused and observant; she is quick to address areas my sons need more help with and applaud the milestones they achieve.
I highly recommend Christine’s tutoring; the extra time she has spent with our boys has helped them improve their study skills, deepened their understanding, and given them confidence in knowing there are different ways to solve a problem.
Angela Young - Miami Shores- Parent
When my daughter Lauren was in second grade she was really struggling with reading. This deficit was affecting her grades in every subject. As a parent I immediately felt overwhelmed and wanted to take this struggle of hers and fix it, I just wasn’t sure where to start.
Miss Christine had been working with a few other children in the school and I asked if she had any suggestions as to how I could help Lauren. She immediately put my mind at ease. She began working with Lauren three times per week in all subjects. She was able to identify Lauren’s strengths and weaknesses and provide her with the tools necessary for her to be successful.
In third grade Miss Christine was working with Lauren two days per week and she was excited about learning. Lauren made the honor roll for the first time that year. Lauren had an assignment at the end of that year and was asked who the most influential person was in her life. Without hesitation Lauren said, “Miss Christine”.
Lauren is now in fifth grade and sees Miss Christine once a week. Miss Christine has become her mentor and a person that she can count on. She empowers Lauren and believes in her. I know that there will come a time when Lauren won’t need Miss Christine for help with her academics, but Miss Christine will always be in her life. Christine Ortega is a true advocate for children and I cannot imagine our lives without her.
Eileen Lopez- Middle School Teacher
Christine has been a presence in my classroom for several years now and I have appreciated every day she’s been there. She has an amazing ability to truly be a shadow in the classroom. She is never an interference but always a welcome presence in the classroom. She works amazingly well with her students who always look forward to seeing her. From a teacher’s perspective, Christine is an amazing resource. She works with the teachers to ensure we understand the best approaches for that particular student. She is available at all times to help us through tough days and difficult situations. She addresses our concerns promptly and helps out in addition to her scheduled time when needed. She builds a wonderful rapport with her students. They know she means business but she is patient and kind with each and every one of them. She has an ability to help kids want to learn despite the difficulties they face. She truly cares for her students and always does what is in their best interest. I have recommended Christine several times to parents looking for different services for their kids and I will continue to do so as she is such a positive influence on all her students.

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